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Under the guidance of the Belt and Road Strategy by the central government, the group company formulated “Six One” development plan, which clearly builds 100 building materials distribution centers in the countries along the Belt and Road route. Overseas chain centralized procurement platforms are set according to the standards of the “domestic procurement and overseas distribution”, which provide materials procurement supporting services for overseas chain system of building materials, furniture and hardware tools. It is an important part of the overseas and domestic integrated strategy of CNBMIT. The company focuses on building a procurement system based on its own brand, complete categories and comprehensive competitive power. It provides overseas building materials distribution centers with product development, brand design and maintenance, product procurement, warehouse consolidation, cargo inspection and transportation, financing and other supply chain business. Currently the main business of CNBMIT is serve BNBM in Papua New Guinea, WILCO in Vanuatu, BND in Australia and Builder's Center of CNBMIT in Tanzania. At the same time, the company also carries out sales at Alibaba international B2B platform and made-in-China B2B platform.

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